Ophthalmic Surgery.....

This section shows short videos of ophthalmic surgery and procedures performed in my hospital.  If you have problem viewing the videos, you may need to download Window Media Player by clicking the logo at the 
bottom of this page.

1.  Periorbital Rejuvenation with Botox   2131KB (This video shows the wrinkles that can be reduced through 
       Botox injection. Live model is used to demonstrate the wrinkles with a short demonstration of suggested ways of
       injecting the wrinkles.)

2.  Chalazion incision and curretage  ( A short demonstration of chalazion incision and curretage and the instruments 

3.  Perfect Capsulorrhexis for phacoemulsification ( A short videos showing ways of avoiding complications 
       during capsulorrhexis. )

4.    Levator advancement for senile ptosis (levator disinsertion)

5.  Upper lid blepharoplasty

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