Right ptosis and left dermatochalasis
This 30 year-old was born with bilateral mild ptosis, worse in the left than the right eye. She underwent a left operation 8 month earlier to correct the left ptosis. Although the height was satisfactory, the skin crease was obscured by the excess upper lid skin giving an asymmetrical upper lid appearance. In addition, the right ptosis became more prominent with the correction of the left ptosis. A combine right levator advancement and left blepharoplasty were carried out.

Right ptosis and left excess skin overhanging the skin crease.

The site where the skin crease was set and incised is indicated by a 
white line of fibrous tissue.

Appearance of the lids one hour after right ptosis correction and left 
blepharoplasty. (The right ptosis was performed before the blepharoplasty
so that the height of the right lid is symmetrical with that of the left eye. If the 
blepharoplasty was performed before the levator advancement, the resulting 
haematoma and swelling may affect the height of the left lid for proper 

Appearance of the lids at one week.

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