The following pictures show the steps in the evisceration of a painful blind eye with recurrent corneal ulcer. The patient had central retinal vein occlusion and despite pan-photocoagulation developed rubeotic glaucoma. The painful eye was initially controlled with topical mydriatic and steroid. Recently, he developed a non-healing corneal ulcer with hypopyon and agreed to evisceration.. 

The painful red eye with corneal ulcer and hypopyon.

Following peribulbar anaesthesia, the evisceration begins with 360 degrees of periotomy. 

The next step is the removal of the corneal button. 
The cornea is cut with the corneal scissors. 

The uveal content is removed with a evisceration spoon.

After removal of the ocular content, the sclera is cleaned with absolute alcohol to destroy any uveal tissue.

The volume of the globe is replaced with a silicone ball.
The insertion is facilitated by cutting the sclera radially.

After the insertion of the silicone ball. The sclera is closed with 5/0 virryl. The conjunctiva is closed with 6/0 vicryl.

After suturing the sclera and the conjunctiva, a conformer is inserted to prevent contracture of the conjunctiva. 
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