Test 19
91. The internal capsule:
a. is the projection of white matter to and from the cortex 

b. separates the claustrum from the lentiform nucleus 

                    c. has an anterior and posterior limbs 
d. contains corticobulbar fibres lying most anteriorly 

e. fibres fan out as the corona radiata in the medullary centre 

92. The olfactory nerve:
a. is the first cranial nerve 

b. is associated with smell 

c. carries parasympathetic fibres 

d. contains bipolar cells 

e. traverses the cribiform plate of the ethmoid bone 

93. The anterior visual pathway:
a. consists of third order neurons 

b. begins at the cornea 

c. terminates at the lateral geniculate nucleus 

d. receives its blood supply from the posterior cerebral artery 

e. uses GABA as an excitatory transmitter 


94. Regarding the visual pathway:

a. the nasal retinal ganglion cells are less densely packed than the 
    temporal retinal fibres 

b. the inferior nasal fibres decussate in the anterior optic chiasm 

c. in 10% of people the optic chiasm lies inferior the pituitary gland 

d. the posterior and middle cerebral arteries supply the visual cortex 

e. the peripheral inferior retinal fibres run in the outer part of  the 
    Loop of Meyer 


95. The visual pathway:

a. 60% of fibres decussate in the optic chiasm 

b. the internal carotid artery lies lateral to the optic chiasm 

c. junctional scotomas are produced by compression of the fibres in 
    the anterior knee of Wilbrand 

d. the magnocellular pathway synapses in layers 3 to 6 in the 
    lateral geniculate nucleus 

e. approximately 25% of the fibres leave the optic tract to connect in 
    the superior colliculus and pretectal area 

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