Test 14
66. The superior orbital fissure:
a. is traversed by 6 nerves and a vein 

b. lies between the greater and lesser wing of sphenoid 

c. connects the orbit with the middle cranial fossa 

d. allows the passage of the lacrimal nerve, which is a division of 
    the ophthalmic division of trigeminal nerve 

e. contains the superior ophthalmic vein passing inside the 
    tendinous ring to drain into the cavernous venous sinus 


67. The inferior orbital fissure:

a. lies between the greater wing of sphenoid and the zygomatic 

b. connects the orbit to the infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae 

c. is closed in life by the periorbita 

d. transmits the zygomatic nerve, a branch of ophthalmic division of 
    trigeminal nerve 

e. transmits the maxillary nerve 


68. The optic canal:

a. transmits the ophthalmic nerve 

b. lies in the lesser wing of sphenoid 

c. connects the orbit with the middle cranial fossa 

d. is approximately 2cm long 

e. is directed anterolaterally and slightly downward 

f. may have a double foramen (Warwick) 


69. The lacrimal gland:
a.  is supplied by the lacrimal artery, a branch of the maxillary artery 

b. is drained by the lacrimal vein, which drains into the sup. 
    ophthalmic vein 

c. drains to the superficial and deep parotid nodes 

d. is supplied by parasympathetic fibres derived from the 
    lacrimatory nucleus of the facial nerve 

e. is stimulated by the sympathetic fibres 

f. is supplied by sympathetic fibres derived from the stellate ganglion 

g. is supplied by the lacrimal nerve, which contains sensory fibres 
    from ophthalmic division of trigeminal nerve 

h. is made up of exocrine glands 


70. The lacrimal sac:

a. lies in the lacrimal fossa 

b. is the upper end of the nasolacrimal duct 

c. is related to the medial palpebral ligament anteriorly 

d. lies adjacent to the superior meatus of the nose 

e. lies near to the angular vein which comprises of the supratrochlear 
    and infraorbital vein 

f. drains by the angular vein that drains into the facial vein 

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