Test 7
1. Surface ectoderm forms the following structure EXCEPT:

a. sclera
b. conjunctiva
c. cornea
d. lacrimal glands
e. eyelid
2. Neural crest cells give rise to the following EXCEPT:

a. corneal stroma
b. corneal endothelium
c. choroidal stroma
d. uveal melanocytes
e. temporal sclera
3. The lens is derived from:
a. mesoderm
b. neural crest cells
c. neural ectoderm
d. surface ectoderm
e. endoderm
4. The first cell in the eye to produce melanin is:
a. iris melanocyte
b. retinal pigment epithelium
c. uveal melanocyte
d. dendritic cells of the eyelid
e. conjunctival melanocyte
5. The mesoderm gives rise to:
a. trochlea
b. nasal sclera
c. endothelia of the blood vessels
d. lens
e. corneal stroma
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