Test 5
1. Rectus muscles that receive two ciliary arteries include:

a. medial, lateral and superior rectus only.
b. medial and lateral rectus muscles only.
c. medial, superior and inferior rectus only.
d. lateral, superior and inferior rectus only.
e. medial, lateral, superior and inferior rectus.
2. Which of the following branch(es) of the ophthalmic division 
     of the trigeminal nerve enter(s) the orbit outside the circle 
      of Zinn:

a. nasociliary nerve.
b. frontal and lacrimal nerves.
c. frontal and nasociliary nerves.
d. lacrimal and nasociliary nerves.
e. frontal, lacrimal and nasociliary nerves..
3. The following are true about the vortex veins EXCEPT:
a. they are visible through indirect ophthalmoscopy.
b. there are usually 4 to 7 in each eye.
c. they drain the retina and the choroid.
d. they exist the eye at the equator.
e. they drain into the superior and inferior ophthalmic veins.
4. Both the Descemet's membrane and the lens capsule are 
      composed mainly of which type of collagen :
a. Type I
b. Type II
c. Type III
d. Type IV 
e. Type V
5. The lens:
a. has a thicker anterior lens capsule than the posterior
b. increases in diameter with age.
c. contains lens epithelium under the anterior but not the 
    posterior lens capsule.
d. contains an anterior inverted Y-shaped suture and
   a posterior Y-shaped suture.
e. has a lower refractive power than the cornea.
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