Candidate 7 (FRCOphth part 1, January 2009)


Station 1

Drawing of the cavernous sinus.

Station 2

Temporal artery biopsy histology slide, show changes, asked the investigations needed

Station 3

Name the extraocular muscles and actions, including the primary, secondary and tertiary actions.

Station 4

FFA of central retinal vein occlusion. Shown different stages of the FFA and asked the phases.

Station 5

Hess chart. Causes? Right Browns or right blowout fracture causing restricted upgaze

Station 6

Ray diagram of Gallilean telescope

Station 7

Questions on sarcoidosis: investigations needed etc

Station 8

Anterior chamber angle drawing and asked to name structures

Station 9

OCT showing cystoid macular oedema, principles of oct etc



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