Candidate 6 (FRCOphth part 1, May 2008)
Questions for OSE May 12 FRCOphth part1 

Station 1
Anatomy of orbital bone.

Station 2
Malignant lymphona of conjunctiva - showed clinical picture, histopathology and ask management 

Station 3
Herpes zoster of face- ask management and complications.

Station 4
Loupe - ray diagram, advantage and disadvantage of loupe, why is magnification x4.

Station 5 
Back vertex distance - to calculate. 

Station 6 
Refraction- transposition, snell's law, ask to draw ray diagram of a light from a RI of 1.0 into RI of 1.5 

Station 7 
AC/A- methods and calculation.

Station 8
Humphrey visual field - ask whether test is reliable or not.

Station 9
IOL - choose IOL, long LE, short RE.

Station 10
Orbscan- keratoconus. 

Station 11
Focimeter- draw ray diagram.

Station 12
CT brain with left occipital lobe infarct.



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