Candidate 2 (Jan 2008)
These are some of the OSE Qs asked in the exam this year: 


Question 1

There were 3 diagrams showing courses of cranial nerves (3, 4, 6)..I think two of the diagrams are in kanski...We had to label the diagrams 

Question 2 

Pathology slide from a specimen of a tumor found in a 3 mth old...retinoblastoma?? 
Qs abt wht was seen in the slide..Different causes of white reflex in a child...Bad prognostic factors of tumor 

Question 3

Slide of a scraping from follicular conjunctivitis...Qs on wht is seen in slide...Rx for the patient..Histology seen in allergic/ viral conjunctivitis 

Question 4

Asked to draw ray diagram of pachymeter, asked abt its principle and use 

Question 5

Asked to draw how a focimeter works..why it uses green light and how it measures prism power and orientation 

Question 6

2 transpositions and also asked to calculate equivalent spherical powers 

Question 7

FFA photos showing RPE..asked to describe 

Question 8 

CT Scan/ MRI?? with myopathy 

Question 9 

When wd u prescribe bifocals in a child?? CIs for prescribing bifocals..and some 

other Qs 

Question 10 

Blood report showing immunological disorder.........Asked to tell the abnormal values 

(Normal values were simple) asked which systems were affected..Asked diagnosis..I wrote Sarcoidosis..Now I think it was Wegeners.


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