Candidate 10 (FRCOphth part 1 May 2009)

Result: Invalid


Station 1

CT Head - Axial scan, asked to label the different bones, principle of CT, abnormalities present (what did people think of this one, gotta be honest and say I couldn't see any!)

Blood supply to the orbit - Label the different arterial branches, blood supply to the uveal tract, blood supply to lateral rectus, venous drainage of eye

Station 2

FBC of a guy who admits to drinking a bottle of wine a day - Type of anaemia, cause of anaemia, pt. is admitted for 4 days post-op what symptoms would he get,


Station 3

Pathological processes that happen in the nervous system as a result of (i think alcohol they said not sure)

Station 4

Lung Pathology w/ ABG result - What is the acid/base balance, how did it occur, why is the pO2 and pCO2 low, picture of a lung (thought it was necrosis but dont know, any takers?), how did it occur on a pathological level?

Station 5

4 mirror gonio lens - what was it, ray diagram, grading system of angle, think there was another subquestion, can't remember

Station 6

Spectacle user - +10D glasses, BVD 10mm, what CL power?, Has a 15D Hypertropia, using +10D glasses, how much would you decenter the glasses (I think that was the question?)

Station 7

Picture of Snellen/Logmar chart - what they were, 3 disadvantages of logmar, 1 disadvantage of snellen, how you measure VA with each, maybe another subquestion?

Station 8

66/78D lens - image formed, what do you use them for, if you used a 66D instead of a 78D how would the image change in size/field of view, name 2 other instruments to see the same part of the eye and principles of image formed with those instruments

Station 9

VF/HRT - were they reliable or not, what is total and pattern deviation, compare to HRT and say if the patient had glaucoma (I thought RE no and LE possibly early inferior change but unreliable VF, any views?)

Station 10

Duochrome test picture - what it was, ray diagram of principle, what would a mildly uncorrected myopic pt see more clearly, if a 6/5 corrected myopic pt saw green more clearly what would you change in subjective refraction, how would you perform the test in a colour blind pt.

Station 11

IOL Master report of a pt with b/l cataract who uses computer a lot - How much corneal astigmatism in RE, type of myopia in LE (thought it was index), which formula would you use (I chose srk-t as AL>26 in BE), which lens would you pick for RE and LE and why (I thought this question was very subjective... not happy!)

Station 12

FFA - principle, what abnormal ocular pathology can you see in an FFA, what did that FFA show (ischaemic crvo).



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