Candidate 1 (Oct 2007)
Case 1
    A 40 yr old man underwent enucleation. A diagram of a cross section of the orbit is present as well as a diagram of a histology slide.

    Describe the orbit specimen: large white mass in the posterior pole

    State diagnosis: choroidal melanoma

    Give 2 clinical prognostic factors for this condition: liver metastases and sclera spread

    Describe the histology specimen

Case 2
    Specimen of clot in a pulmonary artery shown. 

    Elderly woman 3 days post cataract operation found deceased at home.

    State the diagnosis: pulmonary emobolism.

    List 2 preventative measures for this condition.

    Give 3 risk factor for the above diagnosis.

Case 3

    Picture of a Hruby lens.

    State the equipment: Hruby lens.

    What image is formed?

    Draw an optical diagram for itís image formation.

Case 4

    Biometry report

    AL 19

    What formula would you use in the IOL calculation for this patient?

    What other formulas are available?

    What other factor is needed to calculate IOL power?

    What incision would you make to minimize astigmatism?

Case 5 


    State the diagnosis: BRVO.

    What 4 phases are there ?

    Describe the pictures .

Case 6

    UBM A+B scans.

    What investigation is this?

    Describe the principles of it.

Case 7


    State the investigation.

    Describe itís abnormality and state the diagnosis.

    What other 2 similar investigations would you perform?

Case 8

    Picture of Applanation Tonometer.

    State the equipment.

    Describe the principles of how it works

    What errors could occur and would you do to prevent it from occurring?


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