Candidate 10     Passed                                                      Centre: Newcastle
                                                                                                    Date: Nov., 2001

Multiple Choice Questions
  1. Uses of prisms
  2. Uses of synoptophore
  3. Causes of myopia/hypermetropia/premature presbyopia
  4. Assessment of patient with epiphora / lagophthalmos/visual field defect
  5. Pseudo-isochromatic tests for colour vision
  6. Principles of MRI/CT/US
  7. Instruments - indirect/direct/keratometer
  8. Causes of unilateral superior VF defect
  9. Spherical aberration
10. Duochrome test
The questions were very clinically oriented - more than 50 % clinical and much less optics than expected.

0SE - questions were more on principles and description of investigation rather than diagnosis

1. Goldmann Applanation tonometer head - draw diagram to explain principle of its 
2. CT orbits - thyroid eye disease
3. EOG - how it is measured, arden index
4. A and B scan U/S - description of US. Looked like retinoblastoma to me
5. Humphrey's VF - sup bitemporal quadrantanopia
6. Visual acuity tests in different stages of childhood
7. FFA - principles , report picture - looked like CSR
8. Hess chart - 6th nerve palsy
1. Pupil - RAPD, questions on pharmacological tests
2. Ant segment - asked to demonstrate different illumination techniques, calibration of 
    tonometer and what is the red line on the tonometer head for?
3. Direct - bilateral optic atrophy - causes, magnification in phakic and aphakic eyes
4. Indirect - bilat chorioretinal scarring, magnification in 20 D vs 28 D, asked to 
    demonstrate indentation (without touching patients eye)!
5. Goldmann field - how to set it up, calibration, shown different eg of Goldmann 
    fields including one of malingering blindness! VF examination of patient with
    bitemporal sup quadrantanopia
6. Eye movements - Left 4th Nerve palsy with AHP.
7. Keratometry with Javal-Schoitz - principles
8. Focimetry - asked to mark lenses and how to measure prismatic effect, principles 
    of focimeter
Presbyopic theatre nurse with 6/6 unaided distance vision.
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