Candidate 11     Failed                                                Centre: Newcastle
                                                                                             Date: Nov., 2001

OSCE  Failed
Case 1. Focimetry: only one of the glasses of a pair of bifocals was to be measured. Result given in +ve cyl and then ve cyl with near add.
Case 2. J-S Keratometry: only one eye of a patient was to be measured. Questions on principle and how to convert answer between dioptres and radius in mm (Its written on the machine). 
Case 3. Pupils: Left RAPD, asked about the papillary pathway. 
Case 4.  Slit lamp examination: asked to demonstrate all techniques (retroillumination, sclerotic scatter and specular etc.) the eye in question  had a stromal scar, pseudophakia with a peripheral iridotomy. Cataract in the other eye. no further questions were asked on the DD. 
Case 5.  Visual fields: Set up and demonstrate how to do a goldmann field. Left hemianopia on a goldmann. questions on the site of lesion were asked. 
Case 6.  Ocular motility: old  man with LE esotropia Mixed nerve palsy
Case 7. Indirect ophthalmoscopy: of only one eye was asked. Drawn on a retinal chart. Looked like an old toxoplasmosis scar. 

Case 8.  Direct ophthalmoscopy: early glaucomatous disc changes R and R iridotomy. Fundus: few white lesions (?Drusen) Questions on lenses, magnification, disadvantages of direct (Monocular, poor field of view) etc. 

OSE Passed

Case 1.  EOG arden ratio 

Case 2.  Tonometer head: what is it, principles

Case 3.  B-scan choroidal or retinal detachment. 

Case 4.  Hess: 6th nerve. 

Case 5. Fluroescein: principles and late phase. Occult choroidal neovascularization.

Case 6-8 I can't remember. 

Refraction Failed

24yr old with moderate myopia got 6/4 with retinoscopy in both eyes and accepted about another 1.5D of + before blurred and  Duochrome suggested balanced. Later accepted more plus separating retinal (about 7) from subj (-4.75) by too much to pass even though my retinal got the right cyl and axis. Both results gave me 6/4 bilaterally though and I did a Maddox rod balance.

MCQs Failed

MCQs: lot of emphasis on clinical examination and optics. almost no formulae calculations were required. I did 270.

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