Candidate 70
Date:  June 2007
Centre: Edmund St. Bury
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MCQ's Elkington and do lots of past questions


2 examiners per room.

Room 1

JS keratometer.. asked to obtain K readings of a middle aged male. Asked principles, difference from BS, and mathematical equation correlating image to corneal radius (in Elkington).

Focimeter...hypermmetropic specs .No near add.Asked principles. Also shown a prism and asked how many dioptres and how did I arrive at 2D using the focimeter.

Room 2

Indirect ...young female with inferotemporal scarring L eye. Asked about magnification of different lenses.

Direct...middle aged psuedophakic female .Told to examine both eyes. L eye appeared normal  ..then asked to examine the R eye only saw a chorioretinal scar within the superior and temporal arcades. Asked to talk about the filters on the direct ophthalmoscope and how the image changes with refractive status of the patient.

Room 3

Young female anisocoria ...L adies pupil ,light near dissociation. Asked about pharmacological tests.

A young female with L Duanes type 1....ran out of time no questions!

Room 4

Sit lamp ...not sure what this lady had but described all I saw..corectopia ,iris transillumination, anterior synechia, endothelial deposits. Asked about different slit lamp techniques and to demonstrate them.

Visual fields ... R inferior homonymous hemianopia. Where is the lesion? Asked to demonstrate central field testing .


Did over 70 prior to exam. Pleasant elderly lady. Pseudophakic L eye. Cataract R eye mild ptosis and macular degeneration .Small refractive error and was presbyopic.

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