Candidate 68
Date:  November 2006
Centre: Sunderland
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-fairly straightforward.some weird ones as usual.



1) FFA of BRVO-pples,which eye,description

2) Ray diagram of indirect

3) AC/A  ratio by gradient method.

4)MRI-very bad photostat(i wrote ct)of pituitary lesion

5) Simple transposition question

6)U/S of optic disc drusen

7) Hess chart with restriction in several directions.muscles affected asked,no diagnosis asked

8) Humphrey Field Analysis - looked like superior altitudinal both eyes,one more than the other.


1) Slit lamp-B/l corneal grafts with suture remaining.asked about ill.techniques and various dials and filters.

2) VF-hom.supr temp quadranatanopia.questions about visual pathway,red pin.

3) Direct-background diabetic retinopathy.filters and watzke allen sign.used own scope

4) Indirect-RP.asked about magnification and d/d and scleral indentation,advantages.used own lens. 

5) Pupil-rapd.questions on which lesion can cause rapd and 6th n palsy(patient had 6th nerve also).said orbit.dont know if correct.asked pharmac tests for horners.

6) Ocular motility-rt hyper.did parks 3 step and then motility.diplopia in elevation to left.left eye defective elevation was pathology.offered d/d of thyroid and blow out.

7) Keratometry-javal schiotz.very nice examiners,showed all the dials first.usual questions

8) Focimetry-one lens of single vision astigmatic lens.pple,why green light,other methods of measurement,uses of focimeter. 

On the whole,very helpful examiners,showed where to switch on and take readings instead of watching while we struggle!!



63 year old lady,no relevant history but only 6/9with pinhole both eyes.Horrible snellen box chart not clear at all,duochrome red clearer even for me cos the green wasnt bright enough.pointed out same to examiners.asked not to bother with duochrome.After ret,6/12 came to 6/9 with subj,nothing further.Did +1 blur and near add.Asked to write down prescr before maddox rod(5 mts to go)+.75 with _.5 cyl both eyes.2.25 add.then did maddox rod. lots of questions on prism cover test,maddox rod and BVD and effectivity of lens.

Examiners seemed pleased and said very good,so felt relieved though patient read only 6/9 BE.
My advice is be very cool for the exam,do the routine you are familiar with(get on a course early and form a proper routine).All the best to all future candidates.
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