Candidate 66
Date:  November 2006
Centre: Sunderland
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I missed the horners, said was physiological. Examiner asked me to step back to see the obvious ptosis.
Asked about:
Sympathetic pathway,
ALL the pharmacological tests, that's all had time for.

Also had accomodative esotropia, how would you treat this?

Slit lamp had a symblepharon, asked about fliters, sclerotic scatter. Had a weird slit lamp that was a bit plasticy and most people strggled with this station.

VF had a grossly restriced field who saw the red pin as black. I said lesion could be in occipital lobe, medial aspect with macular sparing. He said coz red perception is lost, must be a retinal lesion. I said RP or retinal dystrophy.

Indirect didnt see much, maybe RP? spent too much time messing around didnt have time for questions. Asked 20D magnification.

Direct was easy. Glaucoma disc, asked about effects in myope/hyperope, mag, filters, etc.

Keratometer, the usual. How works, was a J-S.

Focimeter. I messed around, couldnt work out where to read off scale, couldnt do simple maths with the pressure and the axis i wasnt sure of.

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