Candidate 65
Date:  November 2006
Centre: Sunderland
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Slit lamp: Some sort of graft ?amniotic membrane. With band keratopathy deposits and NVs. ECCE scars in both eyes. Pigment in endothelium. Explain the works.

Indirect: repaired RD with buckle. Palpable. Lots of questions as to how it worked.

Direct: treated PRD with NVD and preretinal haemorrhage. Lots of questions too.

Pupils: Horner's. Questions, questions.

Motility: esotropia but what was it? Traumatic VI? Drilled thoroughly

Focimetry: -5.0 / -0.5 x 180. Mark the optical centre of lens. How does it work? How do you know a prism is in it? How do both keratometers work?

Visual fiels: both very constricted. Pathways, shape of defects, location of lesions, causes, red sensitivity, differential diagnoses.

Lots of questions in OSCEs, now that I come to think of it.

I thought HVF were superior arcuate defects R>L

Best wishes everyone


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