Candidate 63
Date:  June 2006
Centre: Sunderland
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  • Direct: used my own scope, BE Pseudopahakic, PRP ? hazy view in RE ??Vit haem , asked about filters on scope, and magnification in myope v hyperope. seemed to go well.

  • In-Direct: asked to look at left eye - inferior PRP, asked to look at post pole and then saw disc collaterals. asked about mag of 20D v 30D! then asked "what is this" given a indenter, then asked to demonstrate how i would use it to see an inf temp tear in patients RE.

  • Motility: Dont have a clue, pt was a middle aged male with walking stick! had horizontal diplopia in all positions of gaze, was stopped before i could do cover test in other positions ?eso with left 6th but others said totally different things ( didnt think a 6th could be that difficult).

  • Pupils Left dilated pupil ?Pharmacologically dilated, asked about differential, talked about Adies, then asked where is the lesion in Holmes Aide and asked to test knee reflexes of patient! (they had a tendon hammer there) Also asked about pharmacology of Horners.

  • S/L asked to examine left anterior segment = band keratopathy, neovascularisation & dense cataract, was then stopped and asked about the filters and sclerotic scatter, was shown the calibration checking tool for tonometer "what is this used for?"

  • Fields: left homonymous heminopia, stopped whilst doing white pin and asked where is the lesion.

  • Keratometry new J/S, took a min to get used to as knobs slightly different. Usual stuff about principles what my measurement meant.

  • Fociemter had plain plus lens (no reader segment) asked to focimter right lens only, it had a little atigmatism, asked about priciples, why back vertex, measuring prisms.

45yo Myope
unfortunately sent too much time on ret and had to rush my subjective did get patiet to 6/4 BE but in such a rush, almost forgot to test near VA, cant remember if i wrote correct prescription. (will find out soon!)

MCQs fair questions
- some of the ones I remember

forced duction tests

Hruby lens couple of q's

tonmeter AREA = 3.06mm!!!

panfundascope image properties

concave lens image properties

OSE (as above)

More candidate experience