Candidate 62
Date:  November 2006
Centre: Sunderland
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  • Direct- Retinal scar ?toxo. Qs about opthalmoscope and effect in myope.

  • Indirect - RD repair with buckle. Few Qs on magnification and field of view with different lenses.

  • Motility - Restriction in upgaze of RE - didn't know diagnosis.

  • Pupils- RAPD, Few Qs on pathways and pharmocology (predictable).

  • Slit lamp - new machine, wasn't clear where all buttons were. Pt with keratoconus, thinning, sub-epithelial scar. Asked to say how i'd do sclerotoc scatter, retroillumination but didn't have to do it. Discuss the filters.

  • VFs- Think was inf quadrantonopia but seemed to have more peripheral field so was a little confused. Needed some prompting. Asked about Red pin - still not convinced about its use.

  • Keratometer - JS, new version, never used it before, ballsed it up royally, needed a lot of help. No time for Qs.

  • Focimeter - didn't know how to switch it on or how to read from it, managed with assistance to get result of SV high cyl lens. Qs on principals.

OSE & MCQ - straight fwd


Young myope
Ret - RE 6/9 LE 6/6
Subj 6/4 6/4
Binoc balance, duochrome, near, maddox. All done in 25 mins.
The key is be happy with ur Ret, makes it so much easier. I was lucky to have had such a good patient.

Overall - Fair, helpful examiners

If fail will be because of OSCE and unfamiliarity with equipment (Keratometer, Focimeter, SL)

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