Candidate 52
Date:  November 2005
Centre: Manchester
Result: Pass
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Station 1 
FFA- What is the test, Principles, describe findings 
Leakage in late phase- ? CSR

Station 2
Hess charts - Hypertropia of one eye (overaction of elevators)  with corresponding hypotropia of the other ( overaction of depressors). questions were - what is the test, principles, describe findings.

Station 3
CT - enlarged Extraoocular muscles - TED. 
Test, principle, findings.

Station 4
What is this. ray diagram for optical principle. 
Fusion slides of synoptophore. 

Station 5
Ray diagram when parallel rays fall on convex mirror.

Station 6 
USG-  test principle, findings, possible causes. ? choroidal detachment 

Station 7
What is the prismatic effect if near add centre is 8mm infero & 2mm nasal to DVP

Station 8
HVF Right eye 10- 2 showing loss close to fixation, Left eye 24-2 arcuate scotoma
test, why different parameters for the eyes, describe findings, cause - glaucoma

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