Candidate 50
Date:  November 2005
Centre: Manchester
Result: Pass
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  • Nystagmus
  • Convex mirror
  • Amblyopia
  • Prentice Rule 
  • Optics of slit lamp
  • Fluorescein principals


  • Fluorescein was CSR
  • Hess was Thyroid 
  • Ray Diagram for Spherical mirror
  • B-Scan of Choroidal melanoma
  • CT of TED, I think, muscles were enlarged? mostly straight forward
  • Pupils - RAPD, questions on differential diagnosis,
  • OM - 3rd Nerve palsy with questions on medical and surgical 3rd
  • SLit lamp - PI with bleb 
  • VF - homonymous hemianopia interrupted by examiner throughout VF exam, couldnt complete the exam and asked manyquestions on why i was using fingers, a white and red pin. 
  • Direct - I thought it was normal, apparently subtle pallor of disc
  • Indirect - I thought it was a macular hole but got a funny look and the bell well?!
  • Focimeter and keratomter - no problems
PS Messed up Direct badly but did well on OM so you can definitely compensate.


80 yr old female hyperope. 6/36 UA, 6/12 ret, 6/9 subjective. +1 Blur, Maddox Rod, Binocular balance, Reading Add and 10 minutes quizz on maddox wing and cyclophoria! Nailed it. If you finish early they ask you questions, if you answer them well, you may make up on any poor VA result so definitely know about principals of retinoscopy. I'm sure they were impressed with my answers after the refraction.

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