Candidate 49
Date:  November 2005
Centre: Manchester
Result: Pass
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Station 1 
a) what test is shown? 
b) describe abnormality? 
c) how will pt present? 

answer: thickened extraocular muscles both eyes, diff dx=TED 

Station 2 
a) what test is shown? 
b) principles? 
c) describe abnormality? 

answer: CSR 

Station 3 
Hess chart 
a) what test is this? 
b) describe abnormality? 

answer: bilateral overaction superiorly and inferiorly ?cause 

Station 4 
prismatic effect 
a) calculate prismatic effect of bifocal lens where near add centre is 8mm infero & 2mm nasal to DVP 
b) can't quite remember, think is what kind of problem pt will encounter? 

Station 5 
a) what slide is shown? 
b) draw ray diagram of synoptophore 

answer: maddox slide 

Station 6
ray diagram 
a) draw ray diagram for convex mirror 

Station 7 
a) what test? 
b) principles 
c) describe anormality 

answer: RD 

Station 8 
a) what test? reliable? 
b) describe abnormality 
c) locate lesion 

answer: left central field loss & right inf field loss ?lesion 


Station 1 
pupils- right RAPD 
a) show how to exam pupils 
b) diff dx for RAPD 

Station 2 
EOMs-limitations in left, left & up gazes in left eye 
a) diff dx 
b) forced duction test 

Station 3 
anterior segment 
right ?pthisical eye 
left band K, aphakic 
a) describe what you see 
b) different techniques of using slitlamp 

Station 4 
confrontation VF-bitemporal hemianopia 
a) exam pt's VF 
b) locate lesion 
c) why use red pin for central field exam 

station 5 
Keratometer-B&L type 
a) do keratometry on pt 
b) which is steepest meridian 
c) with/against the rule astig? 

station 6 
a) determine power of lens 
b) optics of focimeter 

Station 7 
Direct ophthalmoscopy
a) exam optic disc 
b) describe what you see ?cupped discs ?pale discs 
c) what's pt's refractive status? 

Station 8 
a) describe what you see 
left mac scar and tilted disc 
b) Differential diagnosis
c) If pt is aphakic, what'll image & field of view be? 


  • Nice middle age man 
  • Diabetic, had lasers done before 
  • Unaided VA: 6/12, pinhole to 6/9 
  • Low minus one eye, low plus the other 
  • Straight forward refraction and near add 
  • Didn't have time to do muscle balancing 
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