Candidate 48
Date:  November 2005
Centre: Edinburgh
Result: Pass
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  • UBM (ultrasound biomicroscopy) 
  • Albinism
  • Magnifying glass
  • Hess chart showing SO palsy
  • Intraconal tumor CT
  • FFA bilateral cystoid macular edema
  • 2 mirror gonio lens ray diag and name


  • A 40 yr old with myopia of  -6 in both eyes and one eye has significant cataract. What are the treatment options? (Contact lens in the goodeye to avoid anisometropia after surgery, implant IOL so that the operated eye remains myopic,  clear lens extraction of the good eye, LASIK of the good eye, clear lens implant in the good eye to reduce myopia).
  • Type of contact lens: soft and hard and pro and cons. DKa.
  • LASIK surgery and its principle.
  • Different types of keratometer. 
  • The effect of suture on corneal astigmatism following ECCE. Relaxing incision for corneal astigmatism.


Bilateral pseudophakic.. correctable to 6/4 low cylinder in one eye -0.5 at 135 !!
Not easy .. but i think i got it..


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