Candidate 45
Date:  June 2005
Centre: Brighton
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Case 1 
Focimetry a very old model focimeter. I took almost 4 min for one reading. did not have time for viva. 

Case 2 
Javal-Schiotz keratometer. It was OK. I was asked about the corneal steepness. one question which i could not answer is what happens to corneal steepness as a child grows older. 

Case 3
Direct ophthalmolscopy a high myopic patient with pseudophakia with Foster Fuchs spots. Viva was ok. examiner insisted why I did not use the green filter.

Case 4 
Indirect ophthalmoscopy a patient with multiple white spots. could not make out that they were pan retinal photo coagulation. Examiner hinted to me. Again did not have much time for the viva. 

Case 5 
Pupil examination. No anisocoria no RAPD the examiner asked me the diagnosis I told tonic pupil. Asked the use of slit lamp for the same. I told to look for vermiform movements of the iris.

Case 6 
Ocular motility on a young 7 years old girl with accommodative esotropia. She was wearing glasses. Hence had to do near and distance testing with and without glasses. Again did not have much time left for the viva. Could not finish the station. Could not even finish off the eye ball movements. This is a difficult station. 

Case 7 
Visual fields. could finish only one eye. Patient had right eye hemianopia again I did not had much time for the viva.

Case 8 
Slit lamp examination. A  very good case. Patient had hypertrichosis with inferior peripheral broad iridectomy and sphincter iridectomy with aphakia. was concentrating of these findings when I suddenly realized to lift up the lid and again saw one more bleb below the lid. was asked about the examination techniques with slit lamp. It was OK.


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