Candidate 44
Date:  June 2005
Centre: Brighton
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Case 1
Pupils- right dilated pupil -I diagnosed it as Aides pupil. Questioned on Pharmacological tests, light reflex pathway, how to look for RAPD in anisocoria. 

Case 2
Ocular motoility - Right eye exotropia and hypertropia, no diplpopia and ocular movements full. 

Case 3
Direct Ophthalmoscope - New vessels at the disc, laser marks in the periphery. 
?Diabetic retinopathy. Questioned on filters. 

Case 4
Indirect Ophthalmoscopy - A white lesion seen, not able to visualize properly because the patient was sitting and the distance was not adequate. I thought it was a coloboma. Questioned about magnification of 20&28 D lens and about the filters. 

Case 5
Slit lamp - Blepharitis and pseudophakia one eye with corneal haziness in the other eye looked like endothelial degeneration. Questioned about applanation tonometry principles and demonstration of checking the calibration. 

Case 6
Visual fields - all the steps upto blind spot both eyes It looked like incongruous hemianopia. No questions. 

Case 7
Focimetry - right lens bifocal. Questions about optics of focimetry. 

Case 8
Keratometry - old Javal schiotz Not standing in proper position. Did both eyes -question Difference between this and Bausch and Lomb keratometre. 

Myopic patient 58 years i do not know if my axis was right but the patient read 6/5 both eyes and i gave +2.00 add for reading. 


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