Candidate 43
Date:  June 2005
Centre: Brighton
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I got a 42 year old myope patient whom I saw sitting outside the clinic earlier with glasses. Initially I thought that patient is high myope and therefore got biased. 

I started as usually with the history part. did the retinoscopy for RE -0.50/-1.0 and RE +0.25/-0.5 from a distance of 2/3 metre. 
Got subjective refraction -2.00 for RE and -1.00/-0.5/90 did the cross cylinders and the maddox but right at the end. also did the near vision testing but some mistakes which I did and would like to share with you people so that you may not repeat them. 

1) Forgot the muscle balancing in the beginning. 

2) My trial frame was new so was not good. in one slot the glasses would not fit in. 

3) The patient was myope so i thought that blurring was not necessary but still I did it.

4) I could hardly get time for maddox rod testing.

5) For near vision the patients vision is always better without glasses but i dont know whether to give near vision glasses or not but i still gave it.

6) I did not use the occluder throughout the examination not during the objective or subjective retioscopy, but when doing retioscopy and subjective testing i confirmed that I blurred the other eye vision is it ok I am not sure. 

7) In jacksons cylinder for LE I forgot to use the 0.25 cross cyl. and i did fine refinement of both eyes simultaneously and not one eye at a time as i thought I was running short of time. 

8)During the duochrome test i checked in the end for both eyes uniocularly and binocularly and not after subjective refraction of each eye. again i think i did a mistake over there 

I dont know if with all these mistakes one can pass the refraction. but i was pretty confident about my retinoscopy and the final subjective correction was 6/5 binocularly and the ducochrome test was perfect with near vision with +.50 near addition.

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