Candidate 41
Date:  June 2005
Centre: Brighton
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Question 1
Visual fields of the right and left eye. RE showed temporal quadrantonopia and LE enlargement of blind spot. Site of lesion was at the chiasma. 
I could not make it out instead i thought it was a visual field of arcuate scotoma and hence missed the diagnosis. 

Question 2
FFA showing BRVO. I found it difficult and thought it was background diabetic retinopathy 

Question 3
Asked to draw the ray diagram for Fresnel prism. 

Question 4 
A patient with left hypertropia. Question on prentice rule. 

Question 5 
CT SCAN showing sphenoid bone meningioma fairly easy. I wrote down the differential diagnosis 

Question 6 
HESS chart showing an orbital floor fracture.

Question 7
B SCAN showing a choroidal melanoma.

Question 8
A question on transposition.

The ose seem to be easy. but being the first of the 4 day examination it becomes somewhat tricky 
I messed up in 3 diagnosis. dont think i will be close to passing. overall 45 marks are needed for passing from 64 marks for the 8 oses. 

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