Candidate 36
Date: February, 2005
Centre: Dundee
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Objectively Structured Questions

Question 1: 

Calculate the power of lens if we want to change the BVD of a 10 dioptre lens from 10 mm to 12 mm. ( there was no mention if this was a convex or concave lens...but the examiners asked us to consider this to be a convex one ) 

station 2: 
AC/A ration to be calculated by the gradient method....don't remember the exact sum 

station 3: 
USB B scan showing total retinal detachment 

  • what is this investigation ?
  • what structure is involved ?
  • what is the principle ?
station 4 
Fundus photograph post pole both eye and FFA left eye showing retinal pigment epithelium detachment. 
  • what is this investigation ?
  • what is the principle ?
  • describe are the findings ?
Station 5 
Hess chart showing R 3rd nerve palsy 
  • what is this investigation ?
  • what is the principle ?
  • what dies this show ? 
  • what is the diagnosis ?
Station 6 
CT scan brain and orbit showing hypertrophied medial rectus muscle 
  • what is this investigation ?
  • describe the findings ?
  • how would you expect this patient to present? 
  • what is the diagnosis?( i am not sure whether this particular question was there ) 
Station 7: 
Red Maddox Rod 
  • what is this instrument 
  • draw a ray diagram to show the principle behind this test 
Station 8: 
Binocular Esterman field test showing R inferior homonymous quadrantinopia 
  • what is this investigation ? 
  • is this test reliable? why do u say so ? 
  • describe the findings ? 
  • where is the lesion located ? 
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