Station 2
(5 minutes allowed)
a. A 18 year-old university student presents to the optician one week before his 
    final examination complaining of intermittent double vision and poor distance 
    vision. He was seen one month earlier and the refraction was emmetropic.
    i.  What is the most likely diagnosis ? 
    ii. What treatment would you prescribe?

b. A 40 year-old myopic woman is recently prescribed soft contact lenses for the 
    first time. She returned two weeks later and complains that her reading vision is 
    not as good as with her glasses. Retest shows her visual acuity to be 6/6 in both 
    eyes with the contact lenses and the lenses were of the right prescription and 
    well-fitted. Why does she have problem reading with her contact lenses but not 
    with her glasses?

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