Station two
(allowed 5 minutes)
A patient has a visual acuity of 6/6 in both eyes while wearing glasses with the following prescriptions:
OD -1.00/-0.50 X 90
OS  -2.25 / -1.75 X 180
The keratometry reveals the following results:
OD 7.85 mm along 1800 (43.00D)
       7.85 mm along 900 (43.00D)

OS  7.80 mm along 1800 (43.25D)
       7.50 mm along 900 (45.00D)

1. Which structure contributes to the astigmatism in the
a. right eye?
b. left eye?
 2. If the patient were to wear spherical hard contact lenses, 
     which eye will see better?

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