Test 27
1. Hruby's lens 
a. is a contact lens

b. gives a minified view of the retina

c. forms a real inverted image. 

d. used with concave surface towards patient 

e. works by neutralizing the refractive power of the eye

2. Jackson cross cylinder:
a. is composed of equal-power, perpendicular plus and 
    minus cylinders

b.  has a handle 450 to the axes.

c. spherical equivalent is 0 

d. the interval of Sturm is unchanged with either positions 
    of the cross cylinder

e. does not affect the spherical equivalent when placed 
    before an ametropic eye


3. Alternate cover test 

a. should always be performed before cover-uncover test

b. if both eyes move in on uncovering the patient has 

c. putting neutral density filter in front of one eye will 
    affect the result 

d. detects both phoria and tropia

e. is not useful in detecting cyclophoria

4. If -10.0D myope change from spectacles to contact lenses 

  a. visual field increases 

  b. peri-aberrations reduces 

  c. symptoms of presbyopia more prominent 

  d. image size is reduced 

  e. patient with exophoria may become symptomatic

5. In sac syringing:

a. a hard stop indicates common canalicular block 

b. while doing syringing through the lower canaliculi, 
    fluid can regurgitate through upper canaliculi in 
    presence of patent drainage system 

c. punctum and position of lower lid should be examined 
    in upright position 

d. if punctum is absent always indicates past inflammation 
    or injury

e. if fluid can be felt in the throat, diseases of nasolacrimal 
    duct are excluded as a cause of epiphora

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