Test 25
1. The following changes may be noted during pregnancy:
a. increased corneal curvature

b. hypermetropic shift due to gestational diabetes

c. anterior displacement of the lens

d. contact lens intolerance

e. increased corneal thickness


2. Enhanced illumination is beneficial in the following patients:
a. posterior subcapsular cataract

b. nuclear sclerosis

c. retinitis pigmentosa

d. albinism

e. age-related macular degeneration

3. The following are true about lenses made from polycarbonate:

a. for the same dioptre power lenses made from 
    polycarbonate is thinner than the normal plastic lenses

b. polycarbonate lenses cause less chromatic aberration
    than normal plastic lenses

c. polycarbonate lenses are softer than normal plastic 

d. polycarbonate lenses have a lower refractive index 
    than normal plastic lenses

e. they are safe as protective glasses


4. With regard to chromatic aberration:

a. lens with high Abbe value has more chromatic 

b. lenses with high refractive index has low chromatic

c. plano-convex lens has less chromatic aberration 
    than biconvex lenses

d. chromatic aberration can be reduced by making the
    periphery steeper than the centre

e. doublet can be used to reduce chromatic aberration

5. In compound microscope:

a. two convex lenses are used 

b. the distance between the two lenses is the combined 
    focal lengths of the lenses

c. the image formed is real and magnified

d. the image is horizontally and vertically inverted

e. the incorporation of zoom lens system allows 
    magnification without altering the position of image 
    and object

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