Test 23
1. Second-order Horner's syndrome occurs in the following conditions:
a. Pancoast tumour

b. carotid artery dissection

c. thyroidectomy

d. syringobulbia

e. ophthalmic artery aneurysm


2. Features of congenital Horner's syndrome include:
a. epiphora

b. iris heterochromia

c. poor levator function

d. poliosis

e. increased intraocular pressure

3. Increased anisocoria in the dark occurs in:

a. Horner's syndrome

b. traumatic mydriasis

c. Adie's pupil

d. miosis due to posterior synechiae

e. third nerve palsy


4. Structures that appear bright on T-2 weighted MRI include:

a. muscle

b. fat

c. infarct

d. white mater

e. acute subdural haematoma

5. The following structures appear bright on T-1 weighted MRI scan:

a. white mater

b. infarct

c. water

d. muscle

e. fat

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