Test 22
1. The following can be used to reliably measure the thickness of 
     the retinal nerve fibres:
a. scanning laser polarimetry

b. Heidenberg retinal tomography

c. B-scan ultrasound

d. MRI scan

e. optical coherence tomography

2. The advantages of automated perimetry over the manual 
    perimetry include:

a. the results can be subjected to statistical analysis

b. both static and kinetic perimetry can be performed

c. a larger visual field can be tested

d. no technician is needed

e. the blind spot can be tested

3. Optic nerve drusen can be identified with:

a. monochromatic blue light

b. MRI scan

c. CT scan

d. plain X-ray

e. ultrasound

4. Features of optic neuritis include:

a. central scotoma

b. colour defect

c. invariable decrease of visual acuity

d. relative afferent pupillary defect

e. optic disc pallor in the early stage


5. The following situations will give rise to a falsely high intraocular 
    pressure with applanation tonometry:
a. corneal oedema

b. post LASIK

c. Sturge-Weber's syndrome

d. too much fluorescence dye

e. high myopia

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