Past MCQs: 1
1. The power of a prism is determined by its:
a. rotation
b. refractive index
c. apical angle
d. distance from the eye
e. base length

2. Concerning operative astigmatism

a. removal of a suture at 300 after cataract surgery with a corneal 
    section will reduce a +10.00 cylinder at 1200
b. repair of dehisced corneal wound will alleviate against the rule 
c. in a preoperative patient with the rule astigmatism, a corneal 
    section will benefit
d. a post-operative refraction of +3.00/+3.00 X 90 is consistent 
    with the rule astigmatism
e. a refraction of +12.00/-3.00X 180 has an average sphere of 

3. Green light:

a. has a higher velocity than red light
b. the difference between the refraction of red and green light is 
    about 5D in the eye
c. when seen with green goggle, the light is invisible
d. is scattered more than red
e. the energy of green light is greater than red

4. The argon laser:

a. xanthophyll in the macular accounts for the use of 
    the blue argon laser:
b. is absorbed by haemoglobin
c. is used in A-mode
d. damages transparent material
e. appropriate power is 3mW

5. The YAG laser:

a. is used in A-mode
b. operates by photodisruption
c. depends on absorption by pigment
d. is invisible to the eye
e. utilizes a Helium-Neon focusing beam

6. Bifocals in children:

a. can be used as low visual aids
b. can be used in aphakia
c. can be used in intermittent exotropia
d. can be used in esotropia
e. require careful fitting to prevent abnormal head posture

7. The synoptophore can be used to:

a. measure angle kappa
b. detect ARC with the after image test
c. detect eccentric fixation
d. assess aniseikonia
e. assess physiological diplopia

8. The Hess chart:

a. binocular single vision is maintained throughout
b. red-green goggles are worn
c. can work in the presence of suppression
d. can measure cyclotorsion with a linear target
e. the smaller field occurs in the eye with limited motility

9. Concerning intraocular lenses:

a. the effectivity of an IOL is increased in the anterior 
   chamber compared to the posterior chamber
b. tilting can cause astigmatism
c. are mostly made of polymethylmethacrylate
d. if multifocal can decrease contrast sensitivity
e. if the axial length differs by 0.1 mm a change of 
    more than 1D is required in the IOL

10. The Maddox wing:

a. measures heterophoria
b. estimates cyclophoria
c. causes a blurred image in one eye
d. measure at infinity
e. assesses convergence.
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