Test 32
1. Wollaston prism is used in:
a. Javal-Schiotz's keratometer

b. pachymeter

c. operating microscope

d. slit-lamp

e. binocular

2. The following prisms can be used to form an erect image:
a. Dove prism

b. Nicol prism

c. Porro prism

d. Risley prism

e. Fresnel prism


3. Chavasse lens is useful in:

a. diplopia

b. aphakia

c. anisometropia

d. presbyopia

e. high myopia


4. Wavefront analysis: 

a. is measured with an aberometer

b. should be performed on all patients undergoing LASIK

c. measures the overall refractive error of the eye

d. measures refractive error to about 0.01D

e. can be used to detect aberration outside the cornea

5. Safety glasses:

a. crumble rather than shatter on impact

b. can be made from laminated lenses

c. can be made by heating the glass just below its
    softening point and rapidly cooled.

d. are used in sports

e. decrease the visual acuity 

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