Test 30
1. The following wavelengths are correct:
a. nd:YAG   1,064nm 

b. blue-green argon   488nm 

c. green argon   532nm

d. diode laser   647nm

e. excimer laser   193nm


2. Lasers work in the following ways:
a. photodisruption

b. denature of protein

c. photocoagulation

d. breaking the molecular bond

e. photoablation


3. Induced hyperopia occurs in:

a. cystoid macular oedema

b. wearing of RGP lens

c. presbyopia

d. nuclear sclerosis

e. posterior dislocation of the lens


4. A chin up posture is seen in: 
a. double elevator palsy

b. bilateral sixth nerve palsy

c. Brown's syndrome

d. chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia

e. A pattern exotropia

5. Kimsky reflex:

a. requires the use of a prism and a light source 

b. is used to estimate the amount of heterophoria

c. if on the pupil margin is equivalent to 30 prism dioptre

d. if between the pupil and the limbus is equivalent to 60 
    prism dioptre

e. if on the limbus is equivalent to 80 prism dioptre

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