The following publications from Marudi Publications are available from the BMJ Bookshop:

2nd edition 2004
ISBN 981-05-1852-8
£15.00 (149pp)

1st edition
ISBN 981-05-3156-7

1st edition 2004
ISBN 981-05-1795-5
£15.00 (149pp)

2nd edition
ISBN 981-05-2977-5
 £15.00 (107 pp)

2nd edition
ISBN 981-05-2978-3
£15.00 (109 pp)

4th edition
ISBN 981-05-2761-6
£15.00 (148pp)

1st edition 2004
ISBN 981-05-2004-2
£15.00. (12pp)

1st edition 2004
ISBN 981-05-1851-X
£20 (pp16 hard cover)

The following posters (of A3 sizes) are available at M$ 3.00 each (unlaminated)
from the Malaysian Association of the Blinds
All proceeds go to MAB

Blindness in art on stamps

Blind schools on stamps

Braille on stamps

Corneal donation on stamps

Guide dogs on stamps

River blindness on stamps

Eye conferences on stamps

Diabetes mellitus on stamps

Ophthalmic botany: 

Ophthalmic botany: 
retinal effects

Ophthalmic botany: 
anti-glaucoma properties

All the above publications are available through BMJ Bookshop.
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