Essay Questions for FRCS Glasgow March,04
The following questions are contributed by past candidates of FRCS (Glasgow). Answer plans are given 
below for reference only. Refer to essays for MRCOphth for advice regarding answering essay questions. 
If you like to contribute, please e-mail me.
  • A 3 year old is brought to you because her parents think she has developed a left squint. On examination her acuities 6/6 right and left 6/60 unaided. There is a large esotropia and the child seems to have difficulty in abducting left eye past the midline. Describe your management of this case. 

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  • A 60 year old myopic patient attends your clinic with blurred vision in his right eye. His left eye is blind due to retinal detachment. On examination vision in the right eye is distorted 6/12. Fundoscopy shows grade 2 (lamellar) macular hole. Apart from moderately severe rheumatoid arthritis the patient is otherwise well. Discuss the treatment options & your  management of this patient. 

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  • You are referred a 44 year old lady with gradual onset of blurred vision. On examination the VAC right eye - 6/24 & left eye- 6/18. You note moderate cataracts in both eyes with lenses subluxated nasally. The patient does not have marfanoid features. She is keen to continue driving. Give the possible causes of such a presentation. How you would investigate the patient and what treatment you would recommend. 
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