Test 27  (Medical retina)
1. Differentiating classic and occult neovascular membranes is 
    possible using:
a. Amsler grid

b. indocyanine green

c. fundus fluorescein angiography 

d. optical coherence tomography

e. B-scan ultrasound

2. The following are true about choroidal neovascular membranes

a. subfoveal CNV is best treated with direct focal argon 

b. juxtafoveal CNV is 0-200um from the foveal avascular 

c. extrafoveal CNV is more than 200um from foveal 
    avascular zone

d. optic nerve pit is a cause of CNV

e. optic disc drusen is a cause of CNV

3. The following statements are true regarding dry age-related macular 
    degeneration (AMD):

a. it will typically have a visual acuity of 6/60 or worse 
   within 2 years

b. the optimal management is with low visual aids

c. the contralateral eye will be simultaneously affected in 
    all cases 

d. the patient should be promptly referred for fluorescein 

e. dry AMD can be treated with photodynamic therapy 
    without verteporfin

4. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is useful for the following conditions 
    resulting from age-related macular degeneration :

a. retinal pigment epithelium detachment

b. disciform macular degeneration

c. geographic atrophy

d. occult subfoveal neovascular membrane

e. classic subfoveal neovascular membrane


5. The following are true about verteporfin used in photodynamic therapy
a. verteporfin is activated by green laser light

b. verteporfin is a derivative of prophyrin

c. it generates free radicals which causes blood clotting 
    local to the lesion

d. it destroys the new vessels through heat 

e. it is contraindicated in pseudophakia

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