Past MRCOphth/MRCS questions: 8
1. Trachoma follicles:
a. occur in the conjunctival stroma
b. consist of lymphocytes in early stage
c. may show necrosis in the central zone
d. are not accompanied by submucosa inflammation
e. are pathognomonic of the disease

2. Pseudomembranes are produced in:

a. gonorrhoeal ophthalmia
b. pneumococcal conjunctivitis
c. meningococcal conjunctivitis
d. Steven-Johnson syndrome
e. herpes simplex conjunctivitis

3. There is an association between the following:

a. iris coloboma and lens dislocations
b. spherophakia and Weill Marchesani syndrome
c. ataxia telangiectasia and rubeosis irides
d. juvenile chronic rheumatoid arthritis and band keratopathy
e. Bardet-Biedl syndrome and night blindness

4. Retinoblastoma:

a. 90% of patients have a germ line mutation
b. is associated with an abnormality of the short arm of chromosome 13
d. rarely shows calcified flecks
e. is classified according tot he Callender system

5. Ocular manifestations and syndromes recognized 
    associations are:

a. eyelid coloboma and Treacher-Collins
b. keratoconus and Down
c. convergent squint and Crouzon's
d. hypertelorism and Kleinfelter
e. limbal dermoids and von Recklinghausen

6. Retinopathy of prematurity:

a. apnoea is a risk factor
b. often regresses spontaneously
c. is associated with hypovitaminosis E
d. is treated with cryotherapy at stage 2a
e. is associated with myopia

7. Aniridia:

a. is inherited as an autosomal recessive disease
b. rarely leads to glaucoma
c. often causes photophobia
d. is associated with nephroblastoma
e. mainly affects oculocutaneous albinos

8. Following penetrating ocular injury:

a. cryotherapy must be applied to sites of scleral rupture greater than 6 mm from the limbus
b. vitreous incarceration invariably leads to retinal detachment
c. posterior vitreous detachment usually occurs within the first 48 hours
d. fibronectin may play a role in wound healing
e. vitrectomy is invariably carried out when removing intraocular foreign bodies

9. Behcet's disease:

a. is commonly associated with HLA B5 and HLA BW51
b. oral ulcers are the most frequently seen clinical feature
c. arthritis is not a feature
d. confusional state is well recognized
e. is associated with retinal infiltrates

10. Infants:

a have average ocular axial lengths of approximately 17 mm
b. ideally require implants of approximately 35 dioptres for vision after cataract extraction
c. with congenital cataracts often have small miosed pupils
d. after unilateral congenital cataract surgery should have at least 3 hours patching a day to the better day
e. have less post-operative inflammation after cataract surgery adults do.
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