Test 45
(Extended Matching Questions)
A. presynaptic neuromuscular junction
B. postsynaptic neuromuscular junction
C. motor nuclei
D. axons 
E. cerebral cortex
F. primary myopathy
G. basal ganglia

Match the following conditions to the site causing ocular motility problems:......
1.  Myasthenia gravis

2. Eaton-Lambert syndrome

3. Multiple sclerosis

4. Kearn-Sayre syndrome

5. Botulinum toxin injection for strabismus.

A. Wyburn-Mason
B Sturge-Weber
C. von Hippel-Lindau
D. Louis-Bar
E. neurofibromatosis type 1
F. tuberous sclerosis
Choose the phakomatosis that match the following features:................................
1. Ataxia, conjunctival telangiectasia and normal MRI scan.

2. Mental retardation, epilepsy and calcification of the cerebral blood vessels.

3. Arteriovenous malformation of the retina and brain.

4. Ataxia, polycythaemia, renal and hepatic cysts and phaeochromocytomas. 

5. Mental retardation, epilepsy, atrocytic hamartoma and subungual fibroma.

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