Test 44
(Extended Matching Questions)
A. basal cell carcinoma G. seborrheic keratosis
B. squamous cell carcinoma H. solar keratosis
C. syringoma I. sebaceous cyst
D. sebaceous cell carcinoma J. dermoid cyst
E. chalazion K. pilomatrixoma
F. molluscum contagiosum l. keratoacanthoma

Match the following pathology report from an eyelid specimen with the most likely diagnosis:......
1.  A subcutaneous cyst lined by stratified squamous epithelium, and
the wall contains hair follicle. The cyst contains an eosinophilic material.

2. The lesion shows basaloid cells with acanthotic epidermis, hyperkeratosis, and papillomatosis; the proliferation contains a horn pseudocyst.

3. This lesion contains small blue cells (stained with H& E) containing little cytoplasm with a high nucleocytoplasmic ratio. There is peripheral palisading of the lesion.
4. On the H& E staining, the lesion contains basophilic cells with foamy cytoplasm, hyperchromatic nuclei, and numerous mitotic figures.

5. There are epidermal hyperplasia with multiple lobules. The cells show
intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies, more basophilic at the superficial level.

A. Schnyder's crystalline dystrophy F. keratoconus
B. Reis-Buckler's dystrophy G. map-dot dystrophy
C. Fuch's endothelial dystrophy H. Meesman's dystrophy
D. macular dystrophy I. interstitial keratitis
E. granular dystrophy J. lattice dystrophy

Match the following pathology reports from a corneal button with the most likely diagnosis:................................
1. There are deposits of lipid and cholesterol within the superficial to middle stroma; no blood vessels are seen within the stroma.

2. This section shows the presence of multiple breaks in Bowman's layer with centrally thinned epithelium and stroma.

3. The epithelium of the cornea shows multiple intraepithelial cysts with normal stroma and endothelium.

4. The cornea shows diffuse deposit within the stroma that stains blue with colloidal iron.

5. The corneal stroma and the Bowman's membrane contain discrete deposits that stain red with Alcian blue.

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