Past MRCOphth/MRCS questions: 3
1. Red-green colour defect occurs in:
a. Stargardt's disease
b. autosomal dominant optic nerve drusen
c. toxic optic neuropathy
d. optic neuritis
e. glaucoma

2. Benign intracranial hypertension:

a. is associated with tetracycline use
b. diagnosed by CT scan
c. is associated with frontal headache
d. can be treated with oral steroids
e. causes hard exudate in the macular

3. Lyme's disease:

a. is caused by Borrelia burgdoferi
b. is a louse born disease
c. is treated with doxycycline in stage 1
d. is associated with pathognomonic erythema migrans
e. causes sight threatening panuveitis

4. In cataract extraction:

a. intracapsular cataract extraction is used for subluxated 
b. cystoid macular oedema is more common in ICCE 
    than ECCE
c. ICCE is associated with a higher incidence of retinal 
    detachment than ECCE
d. in pseudoexfoliation syndrome, ECCE put less stress 
    on the zonule than phacoemulsification
e. posterior capsule rupture is associated with an 
    increased incidence of cystoid macular oedema

5. Keratoconus:

a. is associated with Down's syndrome
b. is associated with Leber's congenital amaurosis
c. can be treated by epikeratophakia in early stage
d. is more common in teenage body
e. commonly gives rise to eccentric in inferotemporal 
6. The following are true about systemic lupus erythematosus:
a. the retina is the most commonly involved ocular 
b. Sjogren's syndrome is a recognized complication
c. it can give rise to positive VDRL
d. it gives rise to ischaemic choroidopathy
e. it produces lupus anticoagulant which is associated 
   with central retinal vein occlusion

7. The following are true about pupil reaction:

a. Argyll Robertson's pupils are typically small and 
b. a small pupil excludes Adie's pupil
c. dilated pupil is a feature of advanced optic atrophy
d. spherical aberration decreases with pupil constriction
e. following radial sphincterectomy, pupil constriction 
   does not occur

8. The following are true about refractive errors:

a. more plus lens should be added if the patient sees 
    the red letters clearer in Duochrome test
b. more plus lens will be needed if the patient is on
    MAO inhibitors
 c. more plus lens is needed in a patient who 
     accommodates excessively
d. more minus lens is required in poorly controlled 
e. hypermetropic shift occurs in nuclear sclerosis.

9. Aneurysms of the following vessels causes third nerve 

a. posterior cerebral artery
b. inferior cerebral artery
c. internal carotid artery
d. posterior communicating artery
e. anterior communicating artery

10. The following are true about contact lens:

a. the power is higher than spectacle prescription 
    in myopia
b. contact lens made off silicone-hydrogel has a higher
    oxygen transmission rate than PMMA
c. it is the treatment of choice in paediatric aphakia
d. soft contact lens can not be used to correct astigmatism
e. rigid gas permeable lens has a bigger diameter than soft 
    contact lens
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