Past MRCOphth/MRCS questions: 22
1. Duane's syndrome:
a. is an autosomal dominant condition
b. is associated with aplasia of the sixth nerve nucleus
c. causes palpebral narrowing on abduction
d. can be classified according to the age of onset
e. is rarely bilateral

2. Down's syndrome is associated with:

a. posterior subcapsular cataract
b. glaucoma
c. keratoconus
d. peripheral retinal pigmentation
e. myopia

3. Regarding onchocerciasis:

a. the ocular lesions are due to direct invasion of the 
    cornea by the adult worm
b. the inflammation is reduced when the nematode dies
c. deer and antelope act as animal reservoirs
d. diethydcarbamazine kills the adult worm
e. the larvae are transmitted to humans by the bites of the 
    male black fly (Simulium)

4. Loss of cornea sensation occurs in:

a. leprosy
b. tuberculosis
c. Bell's palsy
d. acoustic neuroma
e. Lyme's disease

5. Staphylococcal infections can cause the following ocular 

a. angular blepharitis
b. toxin epithelial keratitis
c. dacryocystitis
d. haemorrhagic conjunctivitis
e. eczematoid blepharodermatitis

6. Regarding herpes virus infections:

a. conjunctival swapings for lipschutz bodies are typical 
    findings in herpes simplex virus
b. Giemsa staining of epithelial cells helps diagnosis of 
    herpes simplex virus
c. fluorescent antibody technique staining demonstrates 
    intracellular herpetic inclusion bodies
d. varicella zoster infection os the lids can be confirmed 
    by staining of Henderson Patterson bodies
c. idoxuridine drops are effective treatment for zoster 

7. In Terrien's marginal degeneration:

a. begin typically at 12 and 6 O'clock on the corneal 
b. causes progressive ulceration spreading around the 
c. the central wall is steep while the peripheral wall slopes 
d. spontaneous perforation occurs rarely
e. annular lamellar corneoscleral grafting may be helpful

8. Map dot fingerprint dystrophy:

a. is the most common corneal anterior dystrophy
b. there is thickened corneal epithelial basement 
c. there is fibrillar material between Bowman's layer and 
    epithelial basement membrane
d. recurrent erosions occur in the majority of these 
e. inheritance is autosomal recessive

9. The following pigmentations appear on the cornea:

a. Ferry's line occurs in descemets membrane due to 
b. Stockers' iron line occurs next to a filtering bleb
c. Hudson Stahli line occurs on lower 1/3 of the cornea in 
    elderly adults only
d. Kayser Fleishcer ring occurs in progressive 
    intraherpatic cholestasis of childhood
e. chrysiasis has gold deposition in he deep corneal 

10. Brown's syndrome:

a. is caused by abnormality of the inferior oblique muscle
b. causes hypotropia of the affected eye
c. is associated with spinal abnormality
d. is more common in male than female
e. is bilateral in 10% of cases
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