Past MRCOphth/MRCS questions: 17
1. Regarding common ophthalmic antibiotics:
a. chloramphenicol inhibits bacterial protein synthesis
b. chloramphenicol is bactericidal to Haemophilus 
c. gentamicin prevents folate synthesis in bacterial cells 
    but not in human ocular tissue
d. polymyxin B is effective against all Gram negative 
e. polymyxin B exerts its effect by disrupting bacterial cell 

2. Lid retraction may be found in:

a. Parinaud's syndrome
b. dysthyroid eye disease
c. neurosyphilis
d. congenital oculomotor nerve palsy
e. Wegener' granulomatosis

3. Optociliary shunt vessels on the disc are found in:

a. patients after central retinal vein occlusion
b. proliferative diabetic retinopathy after laser 
c. orbital meningioma
d. congenital anomaly
e. von Hippel-Lindau's retinal angiomatosis

4. In benign intracranial hypertension, the following amy 
    be present:

a. normal CT scan
b. normal visual fields
c. normal CSF pressure
d. transient obscurations o f vision on lateral gaze.
e. spontaneous resolution

5. Recurrent corneal erosions:

a. are often caused by corneal embedded foreign bodies
b. superficial corneal dystrophy patients are more likely to 
    get epithelial erosions
c. regeneration of corneal basal epithelial cells require up 
    to 2 months to form new basement membrane 
d. 5% hypertonic saline cream and drops are used in 
    erosions for up to 1 year
e. soft extended wear contact lenses are worn 
    continuously for up to 7-10 days after an erosion 

6. In inflammation of the conjunctiva:

a. phylctenules are localized necrotic infiltrates with 
    plasma cells which occur on cornea and conjunctiva
b. follicles are subepithelial infiltration which are 
    histologically characterized by central Leber cells and 
    surrounding lymphocytes
c. follicles occur most commonly on the upper palpebral 
    conjunctiva and the upper fornix
d. papillae histologically have a central fibrovascular core 
    surrounded by acute inflammatory cells
e. the follicle correlates to cellular antibody production

7. Regarding the use of culture media in bacterial keratitis:

a. blood agar only grows aerobic bacteria
b. chocolate agar enhances the isolation of Morexella, 
    Neisseria and Haemophilius species
c. Sabouraud's agar contains yeast extracts and 
    antibiotics and is for fungal isolation
d. brain heart media is best used for anaerobes
e. thioglycolate broth is for anaerobic and microareophilic 

8. Prolapse of the lacrimal gland may occur in:

a. trauma
b. increased intraorbital pressure
c. spontaneous hereditary blepharochalasis
d. usually involves the palpebral lobe of the gland
e. may present as a subconjunctival mass

9. Pseudoxanthoma elasticum:

a. is autosomal dominant
b. is more common in men
c. is also called Groenbland-Strandberg syndrome
d. is associated with hypertension
e. when associated with diabetes mellitus often results in 
    florid proliferative diabetic retinopathy

10. A falciform fold of the retina:

a. can occur in retinopathy of prematurity
b. can occur in toxoplasmosis
c. can occur in trisomy 21
d. is usually bilateral
e. is usually associated with hypermetropia
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