Test 15  (optic discs) 

Refer to this picture for question 1, 2 & 3

1. The following conditions are associated with the picture above:

a. pseudoxanthoma elasticum

b. retinitis pigmentosa

c. age-related macular degeneration

d. retinal detachment

e. retinoschisis

2. The following are true:

a. the lesions are situated within the myelinated part of 
    the optic disc

b. they occur more commonly in patients with small discs

c. they can be inherited as a autosomal recessive trait

d. ultrasound is useful for diagnosis

e. MRI is useful for diagnosis.

3. Visual loss can result from

a. optic atrophy

b. retinal detachment

c. papilloedema

d. venous occlusion

e. peripapillary choroidal neovascularization.


Refer to the picture above for question 4.

4. Ocular association include:

a. lens coloboma

b. foveal hypoplasia

c. serous macular detachment

d. aniridia

e. persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous


Refer to the picture above for question 5

5. Conditions associated with the picture include :

a. trisomy 22

b. trisomy 21

c. trisomy 18

d. trisomy 13

e. Turner's syndrome

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