Test 13  (uveitis) 
1. The following are true about TINU (tubulointerstitial nephritis 
     uveitis) syndrome:
a. the median age is 15 years of age.

b. females are more frequently affected than males.

c. sarcoidosis is the most common cause 

d. the uveitis typically occurs before the renal problems

e. the most common type of uveitis in TINU syndrome 
    is bilateral anterior uveitis

2. The following are true about  TINU syndrome:

a. ibuprofen is associated with TINUS

b. the uveitis must occur within 12 months of the acute 
    interstitial nephritis.

c. permanent visual loss occurs in 25% of patients

d. the renal lesion is characterized by T-cell infiltration.

e. chronic renal disease is uncommon

3. The following are commonly seen in TINU syndrome:

a. anaemia

b. raised ESR

c. elevated immunoglobulins

d. elevated creatinine

e. increased urinary beta-2-microglobulin.

4. The following HLA types are associated with increased risk
     of uveitis:

a. HLA B51

b. HLA B7

c. HLA A29

d. HLA DR3

e. HLA DR2

5. The following conditions can give rise to both uveitis and 
    erythema nodosum :

a. Crohn's disease

b. Behcet's disease

c. sarcoidosis

d. rheumatoid arthritis

e. systemic lupus erythematosus

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