Test 12  (neuro-ophthalmology) 
1. The following are true about neuroretinitis caused by cat-scratch 
a. the pathogen is Bartonella henselae

b. the disease is usually acquired from cat under one year 
    of age 

c. skin test is commonly used to diagnose the condition

d. lymphadenopathy is common

e. low-grade fever is usually present

2. Neuroretinitis from cat-scratch fever:

a. shows optic nerve swelling

b. macular star is typical

c. the vision usually returns to normal even without

d. antibiotics shorten the course of the disease

e. is usually bilateral

3. The following are true about cat-scratch fever:

a. it is caused by a Gram positive bacillus

b. caseating granulomas are seen in lymph node

c. in patients who develop neuroretinitis, visual loss
    is typically preceded by systemic illness

d. it is a cause of Parinaud's oculoglandular fever

e. an aching neck with cough or movement is common

4. Cecocentral scotoma occurs in:

a. vitamin A deficiency

b. vitamin B12 deficiency

c. folate deficiency

d. thiamine deficiency

e. vitamin E deficiency

5. The following are features of nutritional optic neuropathy:

a. temporal pallor of the optic discs

b. relative afferent pupillary defect

c. constricted visual fields

d. loss of the fibres in the papillomacular bundle.

e. colour vision loss

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